on Jun 26, 17

Why You Should Apply Skincare to your Neck and Décolletage

Lines and dark spots are showing up on your chest. You’ve been so careful taking care of your facial skin, but you haven't paid as much attention to your neck and décolletage. You're starting to worry.

Don’t panic.

It's never too late to give your skin a little love. Start applying skin care to your neck and chest now to stop it from aging—and reverse damage all together.

Why should I apply skin care to my neck and chest?

The skin on your neck and chest is thin, and it gets thinner as you age. This makes it more sensitive to collagen loss than other parts of the body. This, coupled with its constant exposure to the sun, means it’s prone to signs of aging.

Unfortunately, the neck and chest have prime real estate right below the star of the show, your face. This means that while you’re working hard to create a smooth, wrinkle-free face, your chest could be aging prematurely.

If you want to maintain a youthful appearance, you should start applying skin care products daily to your neck and chest.

Do I need special skin care products for my neck and décolletage?

Many of the same ingredients that keep your facial skin healthy can also work for other parts of your body. While it’s not entirely necessary to invest in a new product for your décolletage area, some women prefer it. It’s not just that these products are specifically designed for the skin here, it’s that buying something with the intent to use it on your chest makes it more likely to happen.

Plus, the ingredients in chest-specific products can be stronger because the skin there can handle it. In LOLA Bright Morning Décolletage Smoothing Cream, the ingredient Argireline®, a polypeptide, is known as nature’s Botox because it can freeze surface muscles and reduce the look of wrinkles.

What products should I apply to my neck and chest?

Use sunscreen every day.

Protecting yourself from UV rays will prevent sun-damaged skin (which leads to dark spots and wrinkles). You also need products to heal damage that you might already have, so pick up treatments and moisturizers to fade discoloration. We like to use our own three step system, but you can always mix and match.

We use our repair serum, Damage Control Vitamin C Primer, and then our moisturizer, Bright Morning Décolletage Smoothing Cream, which instantly makes skin look firmer. At night, we turn to another serum, Good Night Sleep Mask, which works at the cellular level to restructure skin.

Remember, be consistent and use quality products. Love your skin. 

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