Chest Wrinkles: Everything You Never Wanted to Know

Ugh. The dreaded chest wrinkles. Even giving them a cute name — brinkles — doesn’t diminish the distress many of us feel when these aging signs make their unwelcome appearance on the décolletage. 

And while we’re on the subject of the decolletage, can we all agree that it’s probably one of the most neglected skin care areas? 

Since our 20s and 30s, most of us ladies have been studiously caring for our faces. Exfoliating, moisturizing, slathering on sunscreen, and retinol. But our efforts tend to stop short of the jawline. 

The result? 

A youthful, smooth face and decolletage wrinkles that give away our age!

Unfortunately, cleavage wrinkles are an emotional topic for many women. So why do they appear, and what can you do to prevent them from forming and iron out the ones already there?

Get comfy and refill your water glass. Staying hydrated makes wrinkles less noticeable ;) We’ll cover everything you (never) wanted to know about brinkles and what to do about them. 

#1 Cause of chest wrinkles: Chest wrinkles from sleeping 

Many of the same culprits that cause face wrinkles also cause wrinkles on the chest and cleavage area:

  • Loss of collagen and skin elasticity from the natural aging process

  • Sun damage

  • Smoking

  • Side effects from topical steroids

  • Significant weight loss

  • Poorly fitting shapewear and bras

But a huge reason wrinkles appear in the chest area is from the way you sleep. 

Sleeping well can help maintain a youthful appearance, reduce undereye bags and circles, and aid in skin cell turnover. But it’s also a double-edged sword. 

The biggest cause of chest wrinkles is from sleeping — especially side sleeping. 

Chest wrinkles from side sleeping 

If you’re a side sleeper, you’re at higher risk of developing chest wrinkles from sleeping. This is because when sleeping on the same side every night, the breasts hang in one direction for many hours. Then, those deep, vertical lines on the chest appear thanks to gravity, friction, and pressure on the breast tissue and chest skin.

So, does this mean that if you’re a side sleeper, you need to train yourself to sleep in other positions? Fortunately, no.

Sleep is precious, and as we age, it can be more and more difficult to get a restful night’s sleep. And sleep deprivation is definitely not good for your looks and preventing facial wrinkles.  

So if side sleeping is your favorite way to catch some Zs, there's no need to change what's working for you. There are several effective ways to reduce and prevent brinkles without sacrificing your favorite sleeping position.

How to get rid of chest wrinkles 

Once chest wrinkles have made their appearance, there are many options at your disposal for treating them. But as always, with anti-aging treatments, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach for how to get rid of chest wrinkles. 

Depending on the severity of your wrinkles, beauty goals, and skin care needs, you can do a few things. 

Silicone patches for treating chest wrinkles

An over-the-counter silicone pad can be applied to wrinkles right above the cleavage. These stick-on patches are triangle, funnel, or hour-glass shaped. You apply them to the middle of the chest right below the collarbone to treat wrinkles and improve skin's texture. 

Silicone patch manufacturers claim these products will smooth and plump the skin. In addition, the pads can hold the skin in place during sleep and prevent friction and gravitational pull. The pads are also supposed to lock in moisture and treat hypertrophic scarring, resulting in a smoother decolletage. 

However, success from chest wrinkle pads has not been adequately studied, and results are anecdotal. 

Anti-wrinkle cleavage sleep bras

In particular, for side sleepers, you can wear a specially designed anti-wrinkle bra to prevent chest wrinkles. These devices hold the breasts in place to prevent gravity from pulling the skin, thus maintaining a smooth decolletage area. 

However, what greater joy is there for most of us ladies than taking off our stupid push up bras at night? While some women may find these anti-wrinkle bras helpful, they aren’t as quick, easy, and comfortable as an anti-wrinkle cream to prevent wrinkles. 

Let’s cover the quicker methods for getting rid of wrinkles on the chest next.

Best chest wrinkle cream 

A chest wrinkle cream is quick, easy to apply, and is a luxurious addition to your skincare routine. Of course, we’re biased around here, but our Time to Glow Decolletage Collection is the best chest wrinkle cream kit available today. 

It’s vitamins for your skin applied in a three-step process. 

Step #1: Repair with Vitamin C

The first step is damage control. But unfortunately, most of us don’t begin caring for the decolletage area until we see those annoying brinkles pop up.  

Damaging uv rays and free radical damage really show in a thin skinned area like the chest. Vitamin C is one highly effective ingredient for fading dark spots from UV rays and improving overall skin tone.

Our Vitamin C primer comes in a convenient pump that smooths and brightens the skin. The non-greasy formula will give you smoother, firmer skin on the chest area after just 28 days of use. In addition, over half of our surveyed customers have reported a visible reduction in wrinkles after one application. 

Nikki B. gave it five stars and has found the results transformative for wrinkle prevention:

I am so picky with my skincare and, for the last 20 years, have yet to find any product that could transform my skin in as little as a few days. Well, this hit the mark, and I will never go back. It plumped, softened, evened out, erased lines, and the list goes on and on. It is worth the money.

Step #2: Plump crepey skin

The next step in the process is to plump and moisturize the skin to improve skin tone and the skin's firmness. Our Bright Morning Decolletage Smoothing Cream uses a star ingredient, polypeptide Argireline, to reduce the appearance of chest wrinkles. 

But that’s not all. 

This ingredient also prevents new wrinkles from forming. It relaxes the skin and keeps gravity from pulling and stretching the decolletage area, which is especially helpful for side sleepers. 

Our surveyed customers have found their brinkles fading in as little as two weeks.

Take it from Judy K., who gave it five stars and is happy with her new skin care routine:

I've been using this for about 3 weeks, and it's definitely shown consistent improvement for me. Very happy with it so far and hope it continues to work for me. I'm considering buying the whole 3 step thing but I would like to know if anyone that has purchased that thinks it's worth it?

It sure is, Judy! Janice H. had this five-star review to give:

I started out with this bright morning, and it worked well, but after I paired it with the other 2 products they bundled it with, it worked much much better.

The Bright Morning decolletage wrinkle cream smells great and is non-greasy. Finally, those low-cut tops you love that’ve been gathering dust in the closet can come out again!

Step #3: Rejuvenate

Dream away and sleep on your side, worry (and sleep creases) free with the final step in our proprietary anti-chest wrinkle process — the Good Night Decolletage Sleep Mask

This anti-aging lightning in a bottle uses a blend of highly-effective ingredients to relax the fine muscles beneath the skin, reducing the appearance of chest wrinkles and promoting a smoother, more youthful-looking decolletage when you arise from your beauty sleep. 

The formula contains two major heavy hitters in the anti-aging sphere — Gatuline® Expression and Argireline®. The serum targets expression lines and deep-set wrinkles, promoting increased collagen production while you sleep and preventing skin aging.

Use it, and get ready for all the incoming good skin compliments like our friend Keisha M:

Love these products. I've gotten so many compliments about my chest and neck area since I've started using, and how youthful I look.

Even better, the mask is fast-acting, easy to apply, and won’t mess up your PJs or sheets. 

Get the top 3 best chest wrinkle creams for maximum results FAST.

Chest Wrinkles

Better skin and a younger-looking decolletage are as easy as one, two, three. When you purchase all three of these little chest skin care miracles, you’ll save $25. 

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Wait, what about retinol for chest wrinkles?

Retinol is an excellent product for reducing and preventing fine lines and wrinkles — ON THE FACE. However, while applying retinol for chest wrinkles can, in theory, work, in practice, it’s not the most effective. 

Why is that?

When it comes to the best treatment for chest wrinkles, you need a three-step skin care process.

The problem with chest wrinkles is that the usual aging suspects are all causing lines to form on the decolletage. BUT (and it’s a big but we cannot lie), you’re also contending with pulling, friction, and repeated folding of the skin from sleeping. This is a major culprit of deep creases on the chest area.

True, retinol will stimulate collagen production. But chest wrinkles call for a more aggressive approach to reducing and preventing their appearance. 

When we see fine lines forming on the face, we attack it asap. The skin on the face doesn’t have a chance to get really battle lined and crepey before we start using anti-aging measures to slow face wrinkle progression. The decolletage, at least for most of us? That’s another story. 

So the bottom line is that chest wrinkles call for more aggressive (but still gentle) treatment. All anti-aging products in our Time to Glow Decolletage Collection are specially-formulated for treating stubborn chest wrinkles. 

Between the Vitamin C, polypeptide Argireline®, damage repairing glucosamine, vitamin E, and collagen-boosting Trylagen® PCB ingredients, chest wrinkles don’t stand a chance.

Neurotoxins like Botox or dermal fillers for chest wrinkles

Botox and other neurotoxins like Dysport are often used to treat chest wrinkles. But getting botox for chest wrinkles comes with a range of side effects and other issues you don’t have to deal with if you opt for topicals instead. 

So, what are those issues and side effects? Let’s start with:

  • The cost — Botox can cost thousands of dollars depending on how many treatments you get. In contrast, our Time to Glow Decolletage Collection is only $79.00, and the results LAST. 

  • How long it lasts — Injectables like Botox require ongoing treatments. Once the neurotoxin wears off, wrinkles and fine lines reappear. Botox is a considerable time and money commitment. 

  • Doctor visits — You can’t just order Botox and DIY it. You have to schedule and attend a doctor’s appointment. That’s more time and more money out of pocket. Plus, the wait times! The paperwork! With topicals, you order it yourself, and it’s at your door and ready to use in just a few days. No paperwork required. 

  • The pain — No pain, no gain? We don’t think so. Topicals are completely painless, effective, and they smell nice too. Botox is a shot, and those things hurt — especially in a sensitive area like the chest. 

Ultimately, Botox for chest wrinkles is cost-prohibitive and requires you to keep going back to a doctor again and again to refreeze wrinkles. On the other hand, topicals like our Time to Glow Decolletage Collection are affordable, pain-free, and minimally invasive. You can apply them at anytime that's convenient to you and in the comfort of your own home. 

How to prevent chest wrinkles

Time doesn’t stop for anyone, but we can do so many things to reduce wrinkles, look our best, and feel confident at any age. 

The usual suspects — hydration, good sleep, sunscreen, nutrition — can all do wonders for preventing wrinkles and keeping the significant signs of aging at bay. 

But eventually, we all come to the point where we need a little extra help. 

For decolletage skin, a high-quality, gentle, and effective chest wrinkles treatment is necessary. It’s easy to show our faces some love with anti-aging treatment. Now, it’s time to show our decolletage (and favorite low-cut tops) some love. 

You know what they say — the best defense is a good offense.

The Time to Glow Decolletage Collection is your one-two-punch defense and offense against those annoying brinkles. 

It works so fast that you’ll practically see the fine lines fading away while your skin becomes firmer, healthier, and brighter right in front of your eyes. 

But don't take our word or our thousands of customers' words for it. Order today for just $79.99 and see how well the collection works for yourself. 

Yes! Get Rid of Brinkles NOW