Decolletage: How to Make Chest Area Wrinkles Vanish

Who doesn't love a delicious lie-in after a long day? But while your under-eye area may look refreshed after a good sleep, wrinkles appear on the neck and chest area in the morning. And this is particularly so for side sleepers.

Otherwise known as the decolletage, the neck and chest area is incredibly wrinkle-prone. Additionally, this part of the skin is a flashing neon sign of too much sun exposure and skin damage.

So, if you're wondering how to get rid of and prevent decolletage wrinkles, you've come to the right page.

Get comfy and read on. Your favorite top with the plunging neckline is about to come out of the closet!

Signs of aging on the chest: Why does it happen?

Because nature is cruel, that's why. However, there's a scientific explanation for the aging process. And the good news is that there are many ways to treat and prevent wrinkling skin.

Before we hop into treatment and prevention options, let's dive into the why behind the skin aging process.

The biggest culprits behind decolletage wrinkles? Elasticity loss and repeated folding of the skin during sleep.

In addition, sun damage and sun exposure degrade skin elasticity. The natural aging process also slows collagen production. As we live and breathe, accumulative free radical damage affects skin appearance, smoothness, and plumpness.

Not helping matters is that the skin on the chest and neck area is thin. The thinner the skin, the less room for error you have. And so, wrinkles appear more quickly in these areas and form deeper creases.


So, does this mean that you have to become a vampire and never see the sun? What about sleeping? Do you have to remain stiff as a board at night?

Fortunately, no. You can go out in the sun and sleep in whatever position you like if you take a few precautions to keep your skin looking its best for as long as possible.

Here's how.

An ounce of (sunscreen) prevention is worth 100 units of Botox.

Always apply sunscreen to the neck and chest area. Always! We can't emphasize enough how important sunscreen is for preventing sun damage and, by extension, premature aging.

When you apply a high SPF sunscreen to the neck, chest, face, and shoulders, you're not only preventing wrinkles and premature aging. You're also preventing hyperpigmentation and skin cancer.

The bottom line is sunscreen isn't just good for maintaining a youthful appearance. It's also vital for your health.

A dermatologist will most likely recommend a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 that's also waterproof. It's ideal to reapply your sunscreen every two hours on exposed skin.

Wear side-sleeping support to prevent skin imperfections

Another tip a dermatologist will recommend to prevent chest wrinkles is to avoid movements that push the skin up and together. So things like crossing your arms and wearing push-up bras for women.

Another one of our tips for preventing decolletage lines is to get support if you're a side sleeper. Life is too short to go without good sleep. And who wants to try and get used to a sleeping position they don't find comfortable?

There are anti-wrinkle adhesive chest pads for women that keep the breasts from getting pushed together during side and stomach sleeping. You can also purchase wearable breast separators that prevent deep lines and creases from showing up on the neck and chest area in the morning.

Add Vitamin C to your skincare routine.

The beauty industry has been raving about Vitamin C, and it's no wonder. Vitamin C is a skincare must-have for fading hyperpigmentation and nourishing the delicate decolletage skin.

Antioxidants like vitamin C treat and fade dark spots and brighten the skin's appearance. In addition, this skincare superhero fights free radical damage, evens out skin tone, and prevents wrinkles.

Put it on before your moisturizer, makeup, and sunscreen as an extra layer of protection from wrinkling.

Go for a chemical peel treatment.

Chemical peel treatments are a beauty industry staple. You can use chemical peels to treat the face and other areas of the body, including the neck and chest.

A chemical peel is a powerful exfoliant for removing dead skin cells.

Dead skin cells give the skin a dull, rough appearance, and removing them with a chemical peel encourages the skin to produce more elastin and collagen, revealing plump, fresh new skin quickly.

The chemical peel process creates a brighter, more youthful appearance soon after removing the mask.

Visit a dermatologist for treatment.

A dermatologist can work wonders to reverse the signs of aging on the chest, face, neck — pretty much anywhere on the head and the body.

If you have particularly deep creases and lines on the chest and want to see results ASAP, investing in a visit to a dermatologist might be a good idea.

Dermatologists offer Fraxel lasers and micro-needling procedures, which stimulate collagen and firm crepey, lined skin on the chest.

The issue for many is these are invasive, pricey, and sometimes painful procedures. While they do work, they come with many downsides.

Apply retinol cream

We've mentioned Vitamin C as a beauty treatment for the skin. But did you know that vitamin A is another skin care powerhouse?

Prescription retinoids and over-the-counter retinol creams are highly concentrated forms of vitamin A. Vitamin A, when it comes to treating skin damage, promotes skin cell turnover, sloughing away dead skin cells, and encouraging collagen production.

Over time, applying just a tiny amount of retinol or retinoid can drastically improve the skin's appearance, leaving you with a more youthful face and neck. However, the downside to retinol and retinoids is that they can be pretty harsh, especially when you first start using them.

Since the active ingredients inside the creams expedite skin cell turnover, they can cause extreme peeling and redness. Applying this type of moisturizer also makes the skin more sensitive to sunlight and, thus, sun damage if you're not proactive with applying sunscreen. 

These downsides are just some of the reasons why we highly recommend investing in a gentler yet still highly effective skin moisturizer, which we'll cover next.

Invest in the best décolletage anti-wrinkle cream, and moisturizer for targeted skincare.

The best neck and chest wrinkle creams are highly moisturizing and use top-of-the-line ingredients that today's dermatologist endorses.

Taking care of your skin starts at home. Our Time to Glow Decolletage Collection allows you to apply luxurious anti-aging treatments to your skin in the comfort of your own home. It's far less invasive than Botox injections, gentler, and less expensive than retinol.

Additionally, Time to Glow includes all of the ingredients you need to turn back time, moisturize and firm your skin, and protect it from sun and free radical damage.

Here's how this powerhouse of vitamins for your skin works in a quick, simple three-step process.

Step #1: Repair damage with vitamin C

This non-greasy primer goes on smoothly and is perfect for applying under makeup. If you forget your sunscreen, no problem! The primer does an excellent job of protecting your skin from sun damage too.

Half of all women who start using our Damage Control Vitamin C Primer for Chest and Neck see results after just one application.

From customer Nicki B:

I am so picky with my skincare and for the last 20 years have yet to find any product that could transform my skin in as little as a few days. Well this hot the mark and I will never go back. It plumped, softened, evened out, erased lines, and the list goes on and on. It is worth the money.

How so? The active constituent in the primer, Gatuline® In-Tense, causes collagen cells to contract, resulting in an almost immediate appearance of firmer skin. It's gentle enough for delicate decolletage skin that you can apply it as frequently as you like.

The primer stimulates the skin’s innate healing abilities, promoting collagen synthesis and giving users long-term, lasting results of brighter, tighter, smoother skin with a glow.

Step #2: Firm and moisturize crepey skin

The next little miracle in a bottle from the Time to Glow Collection is the Bright Morning Decolletage Smoothing Cream. This moisturizer uses the highly effective ingredient, polypeptide Argireline, to reduce the appearance of chest wrinkles.

But wait. The magic doesn't stop there.

Polypeptides like Argireline don't just reduce. They also prevent. When you apply the moisturizer, it relaxes and plumps the skin, stopping gravity from pulling and stretching the sensitive decolletage area.

Applying this moisturizer in the morning and also at night can be helpful for side sleepers looking to prevent and reduce crepey lines from this problematic sleep position.

In most cases, our surveyed customers have seen their chest wrinkles vanishing in just two weeks.

From our customer TexasGal:

Although I have just started using this, my skin is very soft, supple, and feels wonderful! This product is very easy to apply, as it smooths over your skin very easily and gently. It leaves your skin with a very soft, comforting feeling, and improves the texture absolutely.

Step #3: Rejuvenate your skin for a youthful appearance

The final step in our proprietary anti-decolletage wrinkle tip is the Good Night Decolletage Sleep Mask.

The sleep mask includes a blend of non-greasy ingredients to relax the muscles beneath the thin decolletage skin. This act of relaxation calms the skin and reduces lines and creases, resulting in a smoother decolletage when you awaken from your beauty sleep — no matter if you're a side or stomach sleeper.

We've included two major league heavy hitters in the sport of anti-aging ingredients — Gatuline® Expression and Argireline®. The Good Night Decolletage Sleep Mask targets expression lines and deep wrinkles while promoting collagen production while you catch up on your Zs.

Bonus! The mask is fast-acting, easy to apply, and won't stain your clothing or bedsheets. It's also way more comfortable to wear than a sticky anti-wrinkle chest pad.

Lifetime customer, Melissa, loves it:

All I can say is, I am so glad I found this line. My favorite is this overnight mask. It goes on so light, but is very effective. As a side sleeper, I have those pesky lines on my chest. I have been using the whole line for a few weeks now and can really tell the difference. I will be a lifetime customer.

Get ready for incoming compliments on your beautiful skin. Order all three skincare heroes in a money-saving bundle.

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