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How to Care for Your Skin in the Summer

With each season come new skin issues. While dry skin might be a problem in winter, hot summer sun means sweat, oil, and lots of UV rays. Beach vacations leave you salty and sandy, and the heat can wear you down.

To combat summer woes, you need to adjust your skincare routine. Follow a few simple tips and spend the summer glowing like the goddess you are!

Wear sunscreen

The sun is stronger in the summer, and since more skin is exposed you’re at risk for burns. Wearing sunscreen is like wearing a suit of armor—one that will protect you from red, swollen, sunburned skin now, and prevent dark spots and wrinkles from cropping up later.

Remember to reapply often. If you want a tan, opt for a fake one. There are modern options for at-home self-tanning that don’t leave the smell and orange tint of tanners past.

Drink lots of water

Replenish your skin from the inside. Hot weather means you need to work harder to replenish your skin and stay hydrated. Keep a water at your desk, and fill a reusable bottle to bring on the go.

Keep moisturizing

Skin tends to be oilier in the summer, but that doesn’t mean you can stop moisturizing. Try a lighter moisturizer or a moisturizing serum. Your skin will thank you after being exposed to harsh elements all day.

Cleanse well

Heat and pollution make your skin feel heavier in the warmer weather. Cleanse your skin well at the end of the day to prevent pollutants, oils, and leftover makeup from clogging your pores. Plus, skin care products you use after will penetrate better on clean skin.

Try vitamin C

Keeping out of the sun completely is near impossible. Pick up a skincare product with vitamin C to minimize damage you accidentally cause. The LOLA Damage Control Vitamin C Primer fights signs of age and sun damage. We use it on our chest, but it works on the face, too. Speaking of the chest...

Don’t neglect your chest

There are no winter coats or sweaters to product your chest during the summer. This is one of the most delicate areas, and people tend to neglect it. Treat it with as much care as you treat your face!

Don’t wear heavy makeup

Try wearing less makeup. You’ll discover it’s easier to ignore a couple of so-called “imperfections” than it is to worry about melting makeup all day. Switch to a lighter foundation—we recommend one with SPF!

If you want an easy way to care for your skin during the summer, pick up our collection of 3 products designed to work together, or sample them separately.

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