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Chest Wrinkles From Sleeping, The Untold Story

We’re all aware how wrinkles attack the usual suspect areas, such as the face and forehead areas as we age, but if you’re reading this you are probably now aware that wrinkles can also manifest your chest area. In this short blog post we’ll discuss the number 1 cause of this, chest wrinkles from sleeping.  We call them brinkles (short for breast wrinkles).

Seemingly, we wake up one morning in our late 30’s to early 40’s and look in the mirror and wonder what happened.  Why did no one tell us that these things would show up like this?  Maybe your mom or someone else did warn you about chest wrinkles but alas hear no evil see no evil, we neglected our décolletage in favor of taking care of our face. 

So you’re here, you know about them.  Welcome to the club.  Not one you ever wanted to join I know, but nonetheless welcome to it.  Yes, the root of the problem (or at least the biggest factor that contributes to chest wrinkles) is how you sleep.  So let’s start there.

Chest Wrinkles from Side Sleeping

Chest wrinkles appear on your décolleté area because undoubtedly you sleep on your side.  Yup, I know that about you without even knowing you!  You may start out sleeping on your back but eventually side sleeping is just too tempting and you roll over maybe hanging onto a body pillow or something like that but you do it!  The first step is acknowledging that you have a problem, LOL. 

When you roll over and sleep on your side no matter what your chest size is you are rolling and creasing the skin on your chest for many hours on end.  As you lay there for 8+ hours sleeping you are creasing the skin on your chest and then wake up and wonder why the creases, fine lines and yes gasp wrinkles show up in the morning. Eventually, those creases really set in and remain throughout the day.  Day by day, week by week, year by year… 

As we grow in age, these creases become more visible, even when your body is not laying down on it’s side. The longer this cycle continues the harder it gets to treat your chest wrinkles.

What Happens To Your Skin When Chest Wrinkles Set In?

Wrinkles are a result of low collagen and elastin levels. These proteins give your skin its firmness and elasticity, and a decline can invite wrinkles to appear quicker than you would like. Side sleeping and physically creasing your skin like that at night along with the natural aging process really messes things up fast.

If we set aside simply side sleeping as the root cause and look at the general aging process that happens in tandem it’s a horrifying process:

  • Natural aging – Aging is obviously one of the reasons we develop chest wrinkles. Since elastin and collagen decrease with age, women can witness wrinkles on different parts of their bodies including the chest area.
  • Genetics – Like any health-related inheritance, you can also develop chest wrinkles if they run in your family. Since you inherit genes from your family, genetics play a significant role in elastin and collagen production. Additionally, genetics can also determine the breakdown rate of collagen and elastin.
  • Sun exposure – Our sun or other UV sources emit ultraviolet light, harming your skin. These lights can speed up your aging process by degrading elastin and collagen and lead to other health issues, such as free radicals or cancer.
  • Side sleeping – As previously harped on, side sleeping, or other specific body movements can cause chest wrinkles. For instance, women who sleep on their side are more likely to develop chest wrinkles than those sleeping on their back. And yes, women with larger breasts develop chest wrinkles more quickly as gravity aids in causing deep vertical wrinkling but smaller breasted women are not immune from the effects of side sleeping as their skin creases too.
  • Weight loss – Weight loss can also contribute to chest wrinkles. For instance, breastfeeding or pregnant women gain weight, especially in their chest area, stretching the skin. After they lose weight, the skin becomes saggy and looser and develops wrinkles.
  • Tobacco – Smoking tobacco reduces oxygen flow and damages collagen and elastin fibers, which reduces the nutrients count required for skin health. Smoking can damage several repair mechanisms, including wound healing and collagen synthesis, which accelerates wrinkling.
  • Undergarments – Undergarments can cause more problems than you can imagine. For instance, poorly-fitted shapewear or bra’s with an underwire can pinch the skin near your chest and aid in chest wrinkles. It would be best to pick the right-sized bra and wear them properly to avoid this problem.

How Can You Prevent Chest Wrinkles From Sleeping?

Apart from genetics, you can prevent or delay chest wrinkles by employing specific methods. For instance, avoiding chest scrunching or taking precautions against sun exposure can help you prevent chest wrinkles and keep your skin healthy.

Here are some of the techniques that you can follow to prevent chest wrinkles:

  • Stop side sleeping – Although habitual side-sleepers may find side sleeping more comfortable than other postures, sleeping on your back can help you prevent chest wrinkles. When you sleep on your side for longer durations, your breasts lean towards the ground, stretching your skin. Although it may not show signs at first, continuous side sleeping will develop deeply furrowed creases, which can remain even when your body is at rest. This problem is more prominent with women with larger breasts or breastfeeding mothers who feed their children while sleeping. It would be best to avoid side sleeping to prevent chest wrinkles and there are pillows on the market, etc… that can help you with this. We also have solutions that we’ll discuss below 😊
  • Sun protection – Sun exposure is one of the most prominent causes of chest wrinkles. Since UV light can damage delicate areas, wearing garments that expose your chest can cause wrinkles. It would be best to wear tops that cover your chest area or apply broad-spectrum sunscreens to ensure sun protection. Additionally, you can avoid the sun by seeking shade outdoors.
  • Chest scrunching – Specific body movements or wearing wrong-sized undergarments or bra’s can bring on chest wrinkles. For instance, side sleeping or holding your arms crossed for longer durations can stretch your skin and cause wrinkles. Additionally, inappropriate shapewear and push-up bras can create vertical lines, becoming prominent if you wear them for longer durations.
  • Keep your skin moisturized – Moisturizing your skin is a good thing, and if you moisturize your chest with products containing humectants, you can reduce the appearance of chest wrinkles. Additionally, drinking water is a healthy practice to keep your skin moisturized.
  • Use a décolletage sleep mask– Although side sleeping is a boon for wrinkles, many women can’t avoid this habit. So to help those who have this habit, applying a chest sleep mask prior to bed can help to prevent chest wrinkles.
  • Wrinkle treatment – Wrinkle treatment plans can boost your skin and prevent the loss of structural proteins, such as elastin and collagen. These treatment plans incorporate advanced technology that is safe for your skin and treats chest wrinkles. You can use this technique to treat temporary or permanent wrinkles between the breasts.

Your Mission, if You Choose It

Now that we’ve thoroughly depressed you, we wanted to let you know that you aren’t alone.  We are right there with you, and this is the reason why we exist. 

We are Lola Collective and went through this process probably the same as you are going through it now.  We designed our 3-step line ‘Time to Glow Décolletage Collection’ to provide 24-hour continuous treatment to help whip that chest area back into shape.  Our Good Night Décolletage Sleep Mask will help dull the effects of side sleeping and help you reduce the amount of chest wrinkles from sleeping. 

Give us a try and let us know what you think!



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